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Ca Pepe de El Saler 1962

Desde 1962

It all dates back to 1955, a hut run by grandparents Pepe and Inés, creating the first bar in 1957, in 1962, the son, registering it with the current name. As the Colombian Nobel Prize winner says, "things were so pure that to name them, you had to point your finger at them." Today, the product, the raw material remains the same, but with a very complete menu at the service of each client. In a symbiosis of past and present that come together in an authentic identity, which we hope will become a positive reality, with your visit or your criticism, you will always help us improve, for that, we thank you already.

Pepe y Teresa, Ca Pepe de El Saler
Fachada Ca Pepe de El Saler 1962
Ca Pepe Terrace in El Saler
Anuncio Ca Pepe de El Saler
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